"Our candidates' success" is what we sincerely seek.
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Starting Point Of Concept
The Origin Of Our Name
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Starting Point Of Concept
Speaking of career change, my first career change happened about twenty years ago when the word "career change" didn't exist. At that time, a software manufacturing company scouted me and that was my first experience in IT industry. I experienced several career changes afterwards and there were good opportunities and vice versa.

I also had some experience as a client* who hires staff when I was the president of a company, and with all my real experience of being a candidate* and a client, I came to think about what I could do to make candidates happy and what kind of services I could offer to satisfy clients. I put those thoughts into practice and it resulted in a lot of good reactions and good results. The results proved that I had done this in the right way and I increased my confidence.
A company or a customer who would like to recruit top-class personnel.
A prospective new employee whom will be introduced to our clients. Counterpart to "Client."
"Our candidates' success" is what we sincerely seek.
This is our concept and it originates from the practice of my thoughts.
I believe that a "win-win relationship" between our clients and candidates can only be built by a candidate's self-realization as a result of his/her best efforts at their companies.
Our consultants are willing to team up to offer a career
consultation to as many businessmen and women as possible
to lead their ways to success.

Aidwiz was established as a home base for our consultants.
The company is named Aidwiz, which implies our concept
in a simple manner.
Founder & Partner Akira Takeuji
Copyright (c)2003-2011 Aidwiz All right reserved..