We only introduce the candidates who mach with the needs of our clients.
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Executive Search
Aidwiz's consultants* are well-skilled businessmen who played important roles in different industries. We have a business network and are street-smart in each industry. Our consultants understand the business background of your company and identify your human capital needs to clearly identify the talent that you are looking for, and search for the right candidates* as quickly as possible.

Differentiating ourselves from those recruiting companies who only process their clients' requests sequentially, we conduct an interview with each candidate to fully understand his/her skills and personality to find the best matching candidate with the client's needs.

This approach enables our clients* to hire talented people effectively with the minimum effort of considering a couple of qualified candidates who have already been pre-screened carefully by our consultants.

If the candidate didn't get a high evaluation after the hire, we would never be able to get another job from that client.

Aidwiz has a high reputation as a superior executive search* firm with incredible performance.
A professional staff member who manages clients and candidates.
A company or a customer who would like to recruit top-class personnel.
A prospective new employee whom will be introduced to our clients. Counterpart to "Client."
Executive Search Firm
A company that proactively searches for talented candidates based on a client's request.
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