Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.
[Advice for changing positions]

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Advice for changing positions
Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.
As we always refer to in our company philosophy, Aidwiz puts our candidates before our clients and sincerely seeks their career success. Honestly speaking, this is not an easy job, because we have to decide the best direction for a candidate based on solid understanding of his/her personality and career history. In return for their trust in us, we must be able to meet our clients' expectations by introducing appropriate candidates that match our client needs and corporate culture.

Our clients and candidates often say, "You devote all your energy to me and I appreciate it so much, but how could you run your business if you are occupied with each client or candidate?" It is true that it takes a considerable amount of time to understand our candidates and clients, and due to this we try to spend as much time as possible with them. However, I hear some candidate saying, "Most recruiters are interested in me because I am from the financial services industry, so I greatly appreciate the time spent meeting me without hesitation" or other candidates saying, "In most cases, recruiters refuse to meet with us because of the lack of any jobs opportunities in hand. This, I believe is a big mistake on the part of recruiters.

We, as search consultants, are dedicated to providing each candidate with support for their successful career change, and therefore, strive to give them good advice and guidance for career changes. If you are expecting think all your candidates to be hired by companies, you're hoping a miracle. I think you can expect a quick result soon after you see your candidate, but the process of meeting those who need help and devoting yourself to solve his/her problems or concerns is the essence of being a career consultant.

It is most valuable for a professional career consultant to give advice to inexperienced candidates in changing jobs. In this world, you help someone and then someone else will help you in return. As you make sincere effort to guide your candidates, they will be motivated by your passion, and eventually it pays dividends in the future.

As in my case, if we did not employ our search philosophy, I would have to go out and look for new candidates on my own as an executive search consultant. However, due to our approach to career consultation, people who I meet by word of mouth, end up bringing me more opportunities to meet new people, and in fact, more than half of my new candidates are reference acquaintances of my old clients or candidates. I always appreciate my clients and candidates giving me these opportunities.

No matter what the result, I would be glad to meet new candidates and provide them with a good professional career consultation so that they are able to learn techniques to jump-start their new life. To me, everyday is a new start to do the right things for the right people, keeping in mind that "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur."
Founder & Partner Akira Takeuji
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