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Privacy Policy
The Personal Information We Collect And How We Use It
April 1st, 2005
Akira Takeuji, CEO, Aidwiz K.K.
We, Aidwiz K.K. consider the appropriate protection and maintenance of the personal information of our customers or who are in a business relationship with us, as our social responsibility and therefore, we address the protection, management, maintenance and usage of the information with the highest priority. We are committed to comply with the principles of the following information privacy statement.
Privacy Statement of Collecting and Using Personal Information
April 1st, 2005
Akira Takeuji, CEO, Aidwiz K.K.
The Aidwiz Privacy Policy governs the treatment of personal information that we possess for the purpose of maintaining it in an adequate manner.
1. Compliance to Regulations
  We are committed to comply with any legal imperatives and any other regulations regarding personal information.
2. Complete and Adequate Control of Information
  We designate a chief information officer to be responsible for protecting personal information. To have in place security measures and internal controls to protect, maintain and prevent any abuse, loss, destruction, falsification or reveal of that information. Corporate information is also controlled under the same level of treatment as individual information.
3. The Purpose of Usage of Collected Data
  We will notify you of the purpose of usage in advance to collecting your personal information, and we will not ask you to provide any other information than we need in relate to the above purpose.
4. Limited Use of Personal Information Within Defined Purposes of Utilization
  We will not offer or deposit the collected information for any other purposes without your preliminary agreement. There are times however, when we are requested to provide such information to governmental agencies based on legal obligation.
5. Ensuring the Security and Disclosure of Personal Information
  We securely maintain the personal information we possess, and we have in place security control to prevent from any usage of personal information outside of its designated purpose without preliminary agreement, other than those legal requests mentioned above. We provide or disclose personal information to a third party based on a preliminary agreement by the individual, and we will supervise the robust security control.
6. Ensuring the Correctness of Personal Information
  We continue to review our information management system to adapt to the changing requirements of laws, social regulations or information technology, in order to maintain the collected personal information adequately.
If you have any concerns or further questions on our use of your personal information, or if you have any questions on how we comply with this personal information protection policy, please contact us at info@aidwiz.co.jp
We use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) to protect your personal information.
Our website(http://www.aidwiz.co.jp) is using SSLí╩Secure Socket Layerí╦encrypted communication to protect your privacy and your personal information. All the data you send us will be securely protected by encryption technology unless your browser is not SSL-capable.
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