Our service is covering various industries not only for IT industry.
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Industry Specialty
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Industry Specialty
We offer our services in a wide range of industry such as high-tech, communication, information technology, strategic and IT consulting services, semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, CPG and so on. We primarily focus on IT industry where our consultants* originate from.
[High-tech, Communication, Information Technology]
Information and telecommunication industry is a changing world where new technologies are evolving rapidly. Our service offerings range from traditional large corporations to venture companies with unique technologies and know-how. We support high-tech and IT companies such as software, semiconductor, computer, communication and e-commerce.
[Professional Services]
We introduce qualified young talented consultants to strategic and IT consulting firms whose human capital needs are increasing.
We support a wide range of manufacturing companies such as semiconductor, electronic device, automotive, automotive aftermarket, industrial machine, chemicals, energy and utility.
[Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices]
We support a wide range of the healthcare industry such as medical devices, diagnostic reagent, other medical equipments and pharmaceutical and healthcare services.
[Consumer Packaged Goods]
We support companies who manufacture mass consumer products, brand consumer products and food.
A professional staff member who manages clients and candidates.
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