These are the comments from our candidates after they took our consultation.

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COMMENTS are formed by mails from people who met with us.
It is forecasted by impressions of our candidates who met with our consultants.
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Regards, J.T. (Male, 30's, Management)
Dear Sirs,

I visited your website last weekend and I found the columns very interesting (was interested in reading the columns). I found the practical information and advice were beneficial to everyone regardless of their career change needs as shown in the columns, "Clearing Inventory of Your Life" or "Mistakes on Your Career Changes." In conjunction with this, I thought those columns were good marketing tools to attract audiences who visit your website.
Besides, some of the philosophical contents are valuable for candidates, such as in the column, "True Risks" or "Being A Career Consultant." I think you could call these pieces of wisdom as "The Theory of Career Making."

I was so impressed by the quote, "A company is a place where you can find opportunities to broaden your possibilities," with which there may be many workers who sympathized. As in the column, "Responsiveness to The Changes of The Times," there was a story about a talented man who dwelled on his first career change well into his 40's. This story inspired me to keep trying harder and at the same time, I learned many lessons from these words, "Go easy on your work!" In fact, those who climb up the company's ladder are not always hard workers. You need to know how to get things done with less effort and you need to be flexible.

Lastly, I would like to mention what I think about career changes in Japan. Changing jobs has become very popular recently as the mobilization of human resources evolves. On one hand, I think there may be some obstacles of changing jobs still existing in the Japanese society, however on the other hand, I think that this may benefit companies to motivate their workers and help activate the organization.
Regards, T. Y. (Male, 30's, Public Relations)
Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your help on my job searching. I could get an official job offer from a company and I will start working in early next year. To my great delight, I was hired within a month by a company with the future potential and the good employment conditions that I expected. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice, for I would not be able to make this happen without you. Considering the current situation in my company, I do not think even one of my colleagues may wish a career change. I would be glad to introduce them to your company and website if they need help from a career consultant. Lastly, I sincerely wish for your continued success and happiness in the future.
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